July, 2018: ReComp runs a 1-day open workshop as part of the bi-annual “ProvenanceWeek” event in London

The first International Workshop on Problems and techniques for Incremental Re-computation: provenance and beyond took place in London on July 12th, 2018, with sponsorship from the ReComp project, hosted at King’s College as part of the broader ProvenanceWeek bi-annual event.

The workshop aimed to “sound out” the Computer Science community for interest around the broad topic of incremental re-computation, which is at the core of the ReComp project.  It was a resounding success, with two internationally leading invited speakers:
James Cheney, University of Edinburgh, and Franck McSherry, ETH Zurich,
along with 11 invited talks across the board.

Please see the workshop pages for details, and stay tuned for our upcoming workshop report!

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