July, 2018: Paper presentation given at the IPAW 2018 conference. Paper is here


May, 2018: Invited research seminar at Durham University, Computer Science

Feb 2018: A talk at the HPC Opening event at School of Computing, Newcastle University:
Assessing the extent of changes in flood simulation

Nov., 2017: Invited talk at university of Leeds School of Computing (School colloquia series)

Sept., 2017: Paper presentation given by Yulong Gu at the 27th International Conference on Inductive Logic Programming: “Adaptive Incremental Learning for Statistical Relational Models Using Gradient-Based Boosting“. [ILP Presentation] . [direct link to paper]

July, 2017: Invited talk given at the 14th Annual Meeting of the Bioinformatics Italian Society (BITS’17):

An invited talk given in Dec. 2016 at Keele University, UK, on the formulation of two ReComp problems: change impact estimation, and conditional stream processing.

Our vision for the selective re-computation of genomics pipelines in reaction to changes to tools and reference datasets.
How do you prioritise patients for re-analysis given a budget?

working notes on how ReComp addresses selective recomputation of a simple variant interpretation workflow for the diagnosis of genetic diseases

internal group seminar, Newcastle University, May 2016:

Paper presentation at the TAPP’16 workshop, McLean, VA, June 2016:

Panel presentation, EDBT, March 2016:

Talk given to PhD students in the Scalable Group, School of Computing Science, Newcastle — Nov 2015: